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Shared Curriculum

With the three campuses combined, the Rivers Secondary College is able to offer a broad and diverse curriculum for our Year 11 and 12 students, making courses delivered at other campuses available to students across the college.

Each year the breadth of courses and the number of students taking Rivers subjects in this Shared Curriculum has increased, and we expect this trend to continue.  Currently over a 100 senior students travel on a weekly basis from campus to campus.

By running a Shared Curriculum across the college there is greater choice for all, as subjects become viable because they draw students from all three campuses.  To reduce the number of times students have to travel, Shared Curriculum classes are taught in double or treble periods.

To support this movement of students a Rivers bus transports students between each campus during the school day.  In term 4 Year 10 students, who have chosen a subject in the Shared Curriculum, are able to participate in a number of  Orientation days.  This provides an opportunity for them to meet their teachers for next year and familiarise themselves with the site.

To further support the Shared Curriculum, there is a Rivers Campus Coordinator at each site.  Their primary role is to be the first point of contact and support for all Rivers students   visiting their campus and sort out any issues as they arise to ensure the smooth running of the Shared Curriculum across the three campuses.

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